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Molly Miller is the author of BigSage.Press; part micro publishing house part blog, this site serves as a collection of her latest work. Molly lives in her native state of Nevada where she and her Husband are currently building a small family homestead while homeschooling their young children. She has enjoyed storytelling from a young age, but her debut novel Babylon’s Fallen Star is the first project she hasn’t simply shelved for personal reading.

Her self-described “oddball sense of humor” is evident in her writing where she has worked in groan worthy puns and various Easter Eggs in tribute to her subject research. She enjoys long road trips, time in the saddle, and good company. She dislikes writing biographies and notes that they are the hardest of all writing challenges she has ever faced.

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Molly is most active on Twitter.com where she is constantly changing her handle to reflect news events, song lyrics, and even inside jokes.

Readers can follow her on Twitter @mollymiller951 and BigSage.Press at @press_sage.

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Requests for autographed copies, questions, and reviews can be sent to MollyMiller@BigSage.Press.

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