Sungrazer: Babylon’s Fallen Star

When sungrazer comet X2017-Y2 appears in the night sky it is widely celebrated. Little do the residents of America’s Empty Quarter know they are reveling in their own doom. When the comet triggers a massive solar storm, all exposed electronics and power grids on earth are wiped out as the sky turns a sickly green. Plunged into a world without power communities across the West struggle with isolation from the outside world, threats of bandits and raiders, and hunger on a scale which hasn’t been seen in over a hundred years.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-578-93711-3

eBook ISBN: 978-0-578-93767-0

Cover Art by: Ben Ruppert

Babylon’s Fallen Star is available for purchase from in paperback and Kindle format, and from Barnes & for Nook.

Watch the Babylon’s Fallen Star book trailer here!

Trailer by SapperSpy Designs LLC

Coming soon: Ash on the Vale of Canaan

Plunged into darkness in the dead of winter, communities of the American West have had to rely on their courage and each other in order to survive. With Spring comes hope, and new opportunities to rebuild at least a portion of the lives they have lost. But in the North, melting snow and ice bring black clad raiders from the coast while the South must face a deadly new wind which brings sickness and death.

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