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At this time all of our energy is being poured into keeping up with the launch of Babylon’s Fallen Star. In the future this will become the home for all the random bits of thought and information that go into crafting Big Sage Press stories. Content can range from poetry and archived blog posts from earlier projects, to recipes and event updates. Those of you who follow Molly on Twitter will be familiar with the wide range of her various rabbit trails and exactly how unexpected her content can be. We are looking forward to her first #AmWriting blogpost in the coming weeks as she moves back out of the role of executive and into the more comfortable seat of “author”.

Our current challenges include making sure a paperback copy of BFS is available through Barnes & Noble along side the Nook version. We are also on the hunt for a print partner who can provide us with a source of hardback copies which have been requested. Author copies have been ordered and are due to arrive soon. Several of these have been earmarked for different requests such as autographs and award entries. We look forward to having more information for our readers on this front soon.

There is here, however, a moment for sincere and deeply felt gratitude to our readers. From flagging discrepancies to supporting our launch, you have been the silent partners in helping make dreams come true. You have touched our hearts with your interest and support and we are looking forward to bringing you so much more.

Published by mollymiller9519785

Molly Miller lives in her native state of Nevada where she and her Husband are currently building a small family homestead while homeschooling their young children. She has enjoyed storytelling from a young age, but her debut novel Babylon’s Fallen Star is the project she hasn’t simply shelved for personal reading. She enjoys long road trips, time in the saddle, and good company. She dislikes writing biographies and notes that they are the hardest of all writing challenges she has ever faced.

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