Update on Children of the Forgotten Sun

Big Sage Press will be changing the due date for this project from March 31st to May 31st, still with a projected print date of October/ November 2022. All other parameters apply.

If you had a submission which you thought to send in we would love to read it.

You can find the original posting for this anthology project here:

Published by mollymiller9519785

Molly Miller lives in her native state of Nevada where she and her Husband are currently building a small family homestead while homeschooling their young children. She has enjoyed storytelling from a young age, but her debut novel Babylon’s Fallen Star is the project she hasn’t simply shelved for personal reading. She enjoys long road trips, time in the saddle, and good company. She dislikes writing biographies and notes that they are the hardest of all writing challenges she has ever faced.

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